Still confused by stacks vs rapid weaver

Make sure to buy Stacks as well. What a nice piece of software. No, I wasn’t frustrated:sweat_smile:

Ask for a refund if you’re ready to give up.

RapidWeaver + Stacks can do amazing things, but not in 5 minutes.

Better stick to what you know.


Take a look at this thread. It’s not a 5 minute, 1 week or 1 month learning curve. It’s an amazing, powerful program that you need to spend time learning.

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If you’re not ready to give up, there is documentation on Stacks 3.

There are some free getting started videos for RW.

There’s also a user manual.

But you’ll probably find the most help on here becuase this is a brilliant community, always ready to help. You can also search this forum to find topics or questions similar to your own.


Thank you for the user manual.

A Text stack has the same features that you’ll find in a RapidWeaver Styled Text page. Anything that you can do in a styled text page you’ll be able to do in a Text stack. That includes adding images, using HTML, or formatting your text.

So guess I was supposed to use the text from Rapidweaver. This is what I mean.

I haven’t given up yet.

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If you use the Text stack, you’ll be able to add images and HTML into that, personally I always use Stacks, not styled text.

Are you using the “preview page in your browser” feature? That’s a good way of seeing what’s happening on a page, and it updates itself when you change something.

Thank you. That was quite helpful.