Using Layout Controls - AAAAHHHH!

Hi Everone - I’m officially at wit’s end - I’m trying to control 3 elements at the top of a page as things get responsive and it’s not going well. I’m using Foundry (which I love) but the problem is seemingly my confusion about how the layout elements work for text and images. Specifically, how to manage the different fill modes, alignments, padding, and margins. I’ve looked at tutorials, the manual, etc and have yet to bump into the specifics of each setting. I’m running low on liquor, so the trial and error method won’t be sustainable much longer :wink:

Also, using the preview settings for mobile, tablet and phone don’t seem to work well with the settings in the inspector - if I hide a stack in the inspector it still shows up in Preview (iPad Landscape). It would be great to know what the actual breakpoints were in pixels - I’ve had to use Barz Responsive switcher to help me get from my desktop size to my mobile size without any hiccups but it seems a bit cobbled together.

Any help is appreciated! Ok, off to make a liquor run (j/k)


Hi Robert – If you can provide me some specific details with what you’re trying to accomplish, as well as provide me a ZIP file that contains your project file, I’d be glad to take a look at it and see what we can’t suss out.



Hi Adam - thanks so much! It’s what I’ll do first thing in the morning (PST). As I tried to say in my initial post, I don’t think it’s a Foundry issue but my lack of knowledge (and my inability to find the answers after a couple of days of trying) about the ins and outs of the layout controls of the inspector. We’ll see - as usual, I appreciate your help.


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