Using paragraph html in stacks means that I’m losing formatting somewhere along the line

I’m using Rapidweaver 7.0.2 and the Blueball Freestack Theme.

My site is here:

I’m just learning how to use the H1, H2 and Paragraph options for styling the text

Underneath the 4 main photos on this page there are 4 styled text blocks using the paragraph html tag. But I notice that the text is losing some spaces between the full stops and the next new sentence.

Can anyone explain why this should be?

Charlie from Blueball Freestacks Theme has kindly given me the fix for this, which is to manually add in a non-breaking space using this code:  

Happy days, thanks Charlie :slight_smile:

Your code did not show up…

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Ah yes. You spotted my deliberate mistake. It’s a blank space ;-). Try this one instead :-).