Creating paragraphs in a tex block (t

I’m trying to separate some text into paragraphs. I would think, in the formatting bar, I would choose html markup and use paragraph, but I get no resulting paragraphs. Also, above the text I have inserted a large photo. I cannot seem to get the text to start on a new line below the photo.


Try selecting the image (single-click on it; you’ll see the feint blue border) and playing with Format > HTML > Align Image Left

Thanks Mark, but my question really involves the text. When I choose HTML, and then an entry under that, it does not seem to have any effect. For instance, on my text, I want to divide it into several paragraphs. In Edit view it is In Preview it does not show up that way. It’s all run together in one paragraph.

I think a
tag between paragraphs should give you the line space.

I would think so also. But there is no effect. What am I doing wrong. In the Edit mode, I place the curser between sentences where I want the new paragraph to start. On the Format bar I go to HTML and choose paragraph. Nothing happens.


Which Type of RW Page are you using: Styled Text, HTML, …?

Sorry, the forum didn’t let me post the actual tag:

I think a <br> or two or a <p>
tag manually typed in between paragraphs should give you the line space. that does seem to work.

I’m using Styled Text page.


You enter text on a Styled Text page in RW just as you would enter and format text in a text editor or word processor.

Only include HTML if you want to achieve something specific - like a heading.

Otherwise, leave the formatting controls at the top alone - at least for the moment.

Two Returns at the end of a paragraph should give you a whole line’s space between them.

Is that not what’s happening for you?

That is correct. That is not what is happening when put 2 returns in. It all runs together. Now, I can put

and it give it to me.

That’s < p > where the blanks were

I’ve not seen that before; not sure why a Styled Text page is not working as it is supposed to.

Does your page have a white, pastel pink or pastel green background where the text is?

Yes, pastel green background.

You get green when you have selected a heading in the formatting. RW doesn’t break headings into paragraphs, hence the problem.


As Peter says, a green background implies that RW is applying HTML formatting. This might account for what you’re seeing.

Please would you try this:

in the same project (having first Duplicated it - to save a rollback/safety copy in the unlikely event that something should go not quite as planned) - create a brand new Styled Text page.

Can you type some text in that new Styled Text page - not touching the controls at the top - then can you press Return and type some more, which - when Previewed - displays the paragraph breaks that you want?

Let us know "-)

If so, the way forward is clear and simple.

Yes, that works. Thank you. The problem seems to have been that pasted the text from her previous (actually present) website. That didn’t work. I guess I have to type in all in again.
BTW, hope do we create indents for our paragraph beginnings? Other than just hitting a space bar a bunch of times.
When you mention the format bar at the top, I assume you mean the format bar that is at the bottom in my (latest) version.
Again, thanks so much. Indents?


No - don’t type it all in again. Do either of these:

1 - copy everything from the page as is (Cmnd+A, CMND+C), make a new identical, Duplicate page (Styled Text again, if that’s what you want) and paste what’s now on your clipboard, not with CMND-V but Cmnd+Option+Shift+V (‘Paste and Match Style’), or

2 - copy everything as is (Cmnd+A, CMND+C), make a new identical, Duplicate page (Styled Text again, if that’s what you want; then paste (CMND+V) what’s on your clipboard not directly onto the new page; but into a text editor such as BBEdit or TextWrangler (free); this will ‘purge’ your text of any formatting. Then paste it back into your Duplicated/identical (Styled Text) page.



s will force an indent. Many people work in Stacks (instead of Styled Text) pages now because there are so many Stacks available to achieve neat formatting effects.

By the Format Bar at the top I mean the main set of Menus in the RW software, one of which allows HTML formatting.

Rather than a &nbsp;, you should use a specific width space at the beginning of a paragraph to create an indent. The traditional space in printed text is an em space (more correctly an em of set, as opposed to an em pica), for which the code is &emsp;

However, if you are intending to apply it throughout, you’d be better adding a little css to the global settings, such as p{ text-indent: 1em !important; }

Hi - is there a good video tutorial on formatting text in text or paragraph stacks, I find RW6 with stacks 3 and foundation 1.5 very nice to use with the huge exception of text formatting especially in the paragraph. I find I spend 98% of my time trying tons of crazy things to get text to behave and look right, line returns are a challenge, usually have to use multiple stacks :frowning: , keeping a constant font/ font size is a battle, have not even tried indenting, am pretty sure I must be the source of the issues as there is no way that this could be so challenging yet other things work so well to make great pages. A video tutorial on formatting text would be sooooo useful, but will be happy with anything that shows me what I am missing.

sorry what does &nbsp mean?

It is often a lot quicker to use an html stack for multiple paragraphs, enclosing them in <p></p>.