Using RapidWeaver 5 Beginner's Guide

Having purchased R/W 7.5.6 quite some time ago and never digging into it very much I am confounded by the R/W book and also the online tutorials because the screens do not come close to matching what is portrayed in the instructions.
For example, the beginning of the tutorial says to Add a new project, then select the Styled Text from the dropdown. That item does not show up in my list at all.
Can anyone point me to some relevant tutorials for R/W 7. I tend to learn better by reading a book or paper because constantly switching from different web pages is extremely distracting and frustrating for me. The online beginners web tutorial allows me to pause the video but does not allow me to rewind.

Yes the R/W 5 book would be quite a bit different.

There’s a RW7 manual here:
And you can check out this video of RW 7:

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