Using RapidWeaver with iCloud

I use RW on 2 different Macs, running 3 or 4 websites which I like to update sometimes while away from my iMac. To that end I synchronise my Air and my iMac periodically so as to keep the files up to date, but a few months ago I tried using DropBox to keep the files in one place but accessible from both Macs. It didn’t work and I found out quite soon that it wasn’t recommended because of the structure of the RW files.

However, I tried it recently with iCloud and it worked seamlessly: I can save a RW package on iCloud and pick it up later with another machine. I have been quite careful to ensure that I don’t try to open a package on another machine too soon after saving it on the original machine, but there have been no snags so far. This has eased my work quite a bit.

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Not possible, you will produce issues. Even sharing via Dropbox is not recommended. See here:
RapidWeaver and Dropbox

You can use a synchronization tool like ChronoSync for synching project via two computers

Thanks, Mr Apple Puree :-), but it has worked so far. The package structure does not seem to be a problem with iCloud Drive, as it is with DropBox or Box. Nonetheless I am using it only with a solid backup scheme to support my complete set of files.

I’ll have a look at ChronoSync, though . . .


@McDuff @apfelpuree
I have this text saved for situations like this. Have posted it on the forums before, and it is mainly about Dropbox, but I think it would also apply to iCloud:

Realmac says you should not save files on Dropbox. They say it could corrupt your file.

I have been doing this for over 4 years now, and have only had one corruption, and it was my fault, not dropbox’s. If you are going to do this, you have to be sure you follow these rules:

  1. NEVER have the file open on more than one machine at a time.
  2. NEVER allow two people to work on the same file at the same time.
  3. ALWAYS be sure your computer has synced completely with Dropbox before opening your file, EVEN if what is syncing is NOT associated with your file.
  4. When possible, compress your file as a backup, so if something big does happen, you have a backed up version of your file. You may also want a back up off of dropbox for same reason.

I follow these rules for any important files (since I do support for Joe Workman, I am constantly working on different project files on different computers depending on the time of day, so for dumb test files, I might not follow my backup rules, but I am sure on the syncing and only open on one machine. The only issue I ever had was working late one night, I left a project open downstairs, fell asleep working on it, woke up, didn’t save it and went to bed. Next morning I started working on the laptop this time and saved it, that killed my project file.

Hope this makes sense and helps you out!

Now, I understand Realmacs reasons for not wanting users to save work on Dropbox, not sure what their stance is on iCloud. They must see lots of files that get corrupted, and it is just easier to tell people to not use it, but if you do it correctly and follow those rules, you should be good to go.

Thanks, zeebe. I recognise the caution that both you and apfelpuree are recommending and I intend to maintain extra care. I’ll continue with iCloud because this way of working is so convenient.

Another precaution, by the way, is to check the modification date of the file to ensure that you are working on the latest file. This is not to prevent killing a project file, but would save conflicts between version.


not trying to switch you, just wanted to share with everyone! :smiley:

Again, I have been doing this with Dropbox for years. Not sure what pointing to an iPhone File Manager app that works with Windows 10 has ANYTHING to do with what we are talking about.

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If your using RW7 you might want to check out the video in the FREE New Features in RapidWeaver 7 series:

Yes, Realmac does say you can use Dropbox for your addons folder, but they have always told people to not use it for your project files. As I have mentioned, been doing it for years without issues. You just have to play it safe and be sure EVERYTHING is synced before going to another computer and opening that file.

I have used DropBob and iCloud for over a year now, with both RW6 and RW7. Make sure that your syncs are finished . . .

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I think that post pointing to an iPhone File Manager app is spam. :-1:

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No problems so far with projects stored in iCloud.