New : Help with general coverage

Hi guys,

I am new to this and have just started creating my own webpage.
Does anyone have any webpages I can view, to see how certain elements were put together as I have only started to navigate round the rapid weaver and could do with a little assistance on creating blogs, accounts logins etc.???



RealMac, makers of RapidWeaver, hosts a gallery where you can see some of the sites that can be built using RW.

There are also many videos online introducing you to the software.

Depending on your learning style, you might find it best to jump in, create a few dummy pages, experiment with the Themes that come with RW.

Blogs (e.g. Typed integration) are not hard to do.

One of RW’s great strengths is that - at least to make a really good start - you can actually drag and drop many of your page elements. Particularly with Stacks.

Don’t be afraid to come here and ask questions… we’re all learners in one way or another. Good luck!