Storing RW projects in iCloud

Hey all,

Has anyone had any trouble storing RW projects in iCloud for syncing to other machines?

How about storing RW Preferences in iCloud for multi-machine syncing?


Most post I’ve seen report iCloud works fine

Thanks folks!

I have used DB for years with out any problem, and yesterday all of a sudden DB does not sync a plist in the file, and DB refused to sync all my non RW files, so I moved all the RW files to iCloud and my projects are humming along again.

Thanks for the confirmation.

I use icloud too. The only issue with it that I have found is that it does not sync when I use a VPN - which is a huge pain with icloud. As long as I remember to come off the VPN all syncs as it should.


Thanks Stuart,

This is very helpful intel!


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