iCloud Drive vs. Dropbox for RW

I’ve been using Dropbox to sync all of my projects and files, but am running out of room. I’m considering moving them over to iCloud Drive. What’s your experience been like? Any sync issues or RW files corrupting during sync between multiple computers?

Works fine here :+1:


+1 for iCloud. Works very well for me.

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iCloud has never failed me on anything. I have 19gb of free space on two different DropBox accounts. I forget all I did to earn the free space. Dropbox is wonderful, but Dropbox has changed the rules on free accounts over the years. I wouldn’t count on DropBox for this unless you are a paid account. They have never lost a file or anything on me. Perhaps on a very busy day they throttle free accounts as an example.

Rapidweaver project files can be very large on a big site.

I use iCloud Drive. Pay $10 a month and all your devices will be backed up and you will have access to all your files from any device! This plus TimeMachine will give you excellent backups.

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I will also recommend iCloud

I’ve used both for this and both work fine so you should have no problems.


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