Using "Reason" in for blogging

I am changing the approach and focus of my website to be blog centric.

I imported my old website into RW7. I was using the blogging plugin in RW5. The blog looks a bit different in the preview. Actually the whole site looks different, but I digress :slight_smile:.

Will RW7 automatically use the blog features in RW7, or do I need to do something? If so what?

I have Armadillo and am thinking to upgrade it to the latest version. Will it work and add features to the new blogging effort.

If you used the blog plugin from RW5 and migrated to RW7, the same project should work fine in regards to the inbuilt blog features.

Armadillo is an option, Total CMS Blog, Dropkick, Blog Stack, … A lot of possibilities for online blogging and integration into RW :slight_smile:

What are some of the online blogging solutions that can work in the stacks environment? I need the archive etc functions. Can I use Armadillo to turn any of these, or other parts of my website into a CMS?

Can’t use because it is subscription. + blog stack works great

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Armadillo works great. No subscription.

  • Archiving: yes.
  • Etc functions: I don’t know as I don’t know what you’re specifically looking for. :slight_smile:

There are other options around also. But I use and am very happy with Armadillo. Works great with multiple authors, with multiple blog pages on one site, etc. etc.

Do you know if they offer an upgrade discount?

When I said “archive, etc.” I meant items like the data that often appears as a side bar noting earlier blogs etc. Can someone point me to some blogs that are using Armadillo as the blog plugin?

Can you dumb this discussion down a little for people new to blogging software? (Backfill).
I have some similar questions. But I’m not sure I know enough to even ask the right ones yet about comment management.

How these different solutions compare & differentiate is over my head.
For example, some of the products speak to a Wordpress blog & I have no idea what the limitations are there.

Obviously, you are looking for answers for yourself first, but it would be a great favor to have a better understanding based upon your explanation.

Here’s one example of an Armadillo blog:

However, one can format things in a lot of different ways with Armadillo. It’s very flexible with regards to styling and setup. Plus, keep in mind, Armadillo is not just blogging but a complete CMS solution so you can put fully editable “areas” on your website on non-blog pages that other approved folks (or you) can edit via the web. In the example blog above commenting has not been activated, but it’s easy to do so. Only one example is not particularly helpful, but hopefully points to a few of the things you can do.

Thanks Matthew. I take it the whole blog page was done with Armadillo? If not what else was used?

Could this be used with Flexture, Voyager or other themes?

I’m not sure if there are any themes where Armadillo would not work well. I suppose there could be a conflict somewhere, but I haven’t heard of it.

The whole page was not done with Armadillo. The very top part (title, intro text, illustration) were part of a Markdown stack.

In the sidebar area I added the “Find Stuff Quick” title and text via, I think, a Markdown or Styled Text stack.

Put differently it’s very easy to “personalize” the blog with extras if you want. I’d suggest contacting the developer, Jonathan, about any known conflicts. I’ve only used it with 2-3 themes, but have experienced zero problems.

Is there a tutorial explaining how to use the Armadillo 2.7?

I don’t remember how much there is in terms of a formal tutorial, but there is a lot of help. Check out:


It’s possible there are other videos and tutorials that I don’t know about, but the two links should help you get started.

Joe will be releasing TotalCMS 1.2 very soon (you can actually get your hands on it now, he just has not officially released yet) which give you a blog that can either be a list or masonry layout, you can see the masonry here
It is a nice blogging system and you can also then use the Total CMS on the rest of your site to edit content when you are not around a mac with RapidWeaver installed on it.