What stack/plug-in is this?

(LabCoat Guy) #1

Just upgraded a Mac utility I’ve had forever and never used and finally went to the developer’s site to look for tutorials only to discover it’s a RapidWeaver-built site using Elixir’s Feather theme. What’s really cool is a drop-down help button in the lower right-hand corner, but I can’t figure out what stack or plug-in it is. Any ideas?


(LabCoat Guy) #2

I’m not making a plug for the app. I still don’t know how to use it.

(Adam Shiver) #3

Always cool to be surprised like that, huh?! RapidWeaver sites are all over the place! They did a nice job with the site for sure.

To answer your question – that little widget in the corner is a part of ZenDesk, which is support desk software, and isn’t a stack. That being said, this stack from @yabdab might do what you want: http://yabdab.com/demo/corners/

(Matt Austin) #4

@Elixir is correct, we’re using ZenDesk chat although right now it’s turned off so customers can leave a message which goes to our support channel. And thanks for letting people know about Folder Tidy - we just did a pretty big update of it and I’m glad you’re giving it a try. I hope you like it and if you have any other questions about our site, you can ask here since it’s built with the amazing RapidWeaver + Stacks + Feather theme + assorted plugins. I’ll also reply to your support email so you have that too.