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(Andrew Tavernor) #1

#PopDrop Stack

PopDrop makes Popovers, Tooltips, Mega Menus, Dropdowns and Modal Dialogs that are simple and stylish.

Make your own menus using any stacks that you like.

There is also TipList mode that allows you define tooltips for your whole site in one stack.

See the demo & instructions:

You can get PopDrop now for free from

Read more about PopDrop:

(Gary) #2

Another brilliant and significant new stack that meets all your modal and dropdown needs.

(Paul Russam) #3

PopDrop is a really neet way to get a fair bit of info on a page without swamping the viewer/crowding the page with info.
Have a look at the Our Services section here, I’ve redone the associated description for each of the icons and put eachone in a PopDrop.

I like to get a certain amount of interactivity on a site where the user get a visual response to their actions, be it a simple color change when they hover over a piece of text or a complex animation like the example above, PopDrop is going to be wonderful for such things.

Thanks BWD!

(Geoff Taylor) #4

I’m working on a new medical site that requires a dozen tooltip references and modals. PopDrop has already proved itself as an important designer’s tool allowing me to do both with one stack and have complete control over styling.

A real timesaver - thanks tav :grinning:

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

Somewhere on the PopDrop website it says there is a same project we can download. But for the life of me I can’t find the download link. Any hints as to where it is?

(Andrew Tavernor) #6

@Mathew it is via the Downloads button on the PopDrop product page

It is a very vanilla example page in the Tesla theme with standard stacks buttons and text just to show the principle of setting up the links.

(Mathew Mitchell) #7

Andrew: Thanks. The examples are very helpful.

(Andrew Tavernor) #9

Ok then :slight_smile:

(Paul Russam) #10

(Jason Bostick) #11

Going to need an MMA fight for the rights to DMA. Date TBA.

(Phil Bird) #12

Thank you for this. It is very well thought out, easy to use and looks great in operation.

@PaulRussam How did you do your hover graphics on your site ? they look great

(Paul Russam) #13

They are all SectionsPro / SectionsBox
I suggest you look here specifically at the Layers & Animation section
Have a look at the 6 or so pages I’ve done as tests:

(Phil Bird) #14

Thankyou Paul, how did I miss all this! I’m all over it now - just what I needed for a product mockup site. Thanks a lot.

(Theophilus) #15

@PaulRussam Thanks for the great information and webpages you posted for PopDrop. However, I couldn’t figure out how to launch the PopDrop after configuring its settings. Nothing showed in Preview and I wonder where I have to input the data-pop-drop and the Value. The PopDrop stack that contains this launch attribute Name and Value, the PopDrop Link and the PopDrop content are already on the rw page but on preview nothing showed.
Pls, what am i not doing or what is missing?

(Paul Russam) #16

On this page: scroll down the section called LAUNCHING and click on the graphic, it’ll tell you how/where to place the custom attibutes in your link that PopDrop requires.

(Andrew Tavernor) #17

@Apomus remember that the PopDrop Link Styler stacks just styles PopDrop links so that they appear different to your normal (other) links, it does not make the link to open the PopDrop. You do that by adding a link to whatever you want to launch the PopDrop form.
In addition to the link that @PaulRussam mentioned I would also encourage you to download the example project (from the PopDrop product page > Downloads button). This has several PopDrops set up to launch from text and buttons so you can see how the links are set up in the RapidWeaver link dialog.