Version 8.1 (20217b): Preview and resources

Anybody else seeing in 8.1 beta that files located in the resources browser aren’t copied to the temporary file path location for the preview mode?

View -> Web Server Logs -> Open Document Root doesn’t any more contain these resources.

Normal export / publish contains them again correctly.

Nope. Can’t duplicate that. Seems to work about as expected for me. Since you weren’t very specific I tried a number of experiments:

  • Dragged an image into a styled text page.
    The file was copied to the files folder in the page’s default named styled folder.

  • Dragged that same image from the resources window into a Stacks page (the home page).
    The image was copied to the files folder of the root of the site as expected.

  • Dragged an image directly into the Resources window.
    Then dragged that image from the Resources window into the stacks page.
    The image was copied as above.

  • I then moved the styled text page to the root directory.
    Its images were republished to the folder styled_files.
    The homepages images were moved to index_files.

That said, a lot of the code here (at least for Stacks) is brand new. I don’t doubt that you’ve found a bug of some sort.

But there are different code paths active for the Unsplash images. And different again if you’re using the resource-images through Stacks API Image Transform APIs. And probably different for Blog pages and a few other corner cases.

I’d suggest posting more specifics about how you’re using the image – and see if you can simplify the bug-inducing use-case so that no other complications might be interfering or confusing the issue. Then post the details you find.


The resources folder isn’t available in preview. Here is the project as reference:

In a new project with one styled text page, I am dragging and dropping a image into the resources folder. It is a portable project.

When opening View -> Web Server Logs -> Open Document Root, this folder doesn’t contain the resources folder.



The real export / publish to a local folder contains everything.


That’s how the preview folder looks like in 8.0.3


Ahhhh… yep. i can duplicate that.

@simon @dan @tpbradley - seems like a regression.

  1. New project
  2. New Styled Text page
  3. Drag image to Resources window
  4. Right-Click image and select copy macro
  5. Create an img tag using the macro: <img src='%resource(resource.png)%'>

works in RW8.0
broken in RW8.1

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Thanks guys, I have a fix ready for the next release :+1: