Resource images don't appear in Edit or Preview mode

Using %resource(my-image.jpg)% to load images in Resources does not show the images in Edit or preview mode. However, the images do show when published.

Initially I assumed this was because the images in Resources would need to be published first but publishing the resource folder still doesn’t make them visible in Edit or Publish.

Loading web fonts into resources does work in Edit & Preview.

Anyone know how to make this work?

Alternatively, is there a macro or some code to enter the web site’s base address into a link in the format that might be something like: %weburl%/resource/image.jpg ?

Using RW7.3.3

RapidWeaver variables (proceeded and followed by % signs) like those used in themes are parsed in Preview Mode. The resources are just like the theme variables (notice the % signs), and are only parsed in Preview Mode during the Exporting process.

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Thanks, that makes sense. Far from ideal but explains it.