Resources - what are they?

I don’t mean that literally. As a newbe, I’m confused with what has to go in Resources versus say, a new image on your Desktop dragged into a Banner image box. Is there some documentation for this kind of stuff? I can only find tutorials. Online help doesn’t appear to go into this kind of detail. Many thanks in advance.

I maintain a 1700 page website and I don’t have one single resource. I upload “resources” to my server and link to them appropriately. (eBooks, videos, photo’s, pdf’s, etc). I keep RW as simple as possible and have tricks to make uploading fast and painless.


I think the answer is it depends. I know that’s an answer you probably don’t want to hear. But here’s a brief explanation.

The resources have evolved over time.

So when you say you “drag an image into the banner” if it’s RW 8 and you drag it into the “General settings area”:

RapidWeaver 8 will put that image into resources for you:

Now some older themes that were around before RW8 might not support adding a banner that way.

Now if you drag an image onto a Styled text page or the built-in blog page then RW8 will create those images in resources for you. If RW thinks you are creating a duplicate it will ask you if you want to Duplicate the resource or Duplicate it.

Now Stacks(the most popular 3rd party plugin) work differently depending on the stack you use.

with Stacks 4 and RW8, the default image (if you just drag an image onto a stacks page) would be a Site Image. That also created an RW8 resource.

Now prior to RW8 RapidWeaver’s resource folder had a lot of issues. SO a lot of people and 3rd party developers invented this term called Warehousing. You the individual website creator would keep track of and manage the project’s images and other resources yourself outside of RapidWeaver with a standalone FTP application.

Now if you have a very large or complex website than “warehousing” might still be a valid way to consider using. But for most simpler sites you can use the RW8 Resouce tray.


Many thanks Doug. Sounds like any images I use on my website as I develop it, will get copied into the resources folder and reference it from this folder from then on (or its online equivalent once published)?

Old School

I think Realmac have lost interest in Resources. You can create subfolders (which I did to help organise my files) but can’t actually use anything you put in them.
Since one of my favourite stacks, JWs PDF Embed stack, allows access to PDFs on th server, Resources are of no value to me.

I have no problem at all using anything in resources in RapidWeaver 8, even multiple levels deep in sub folders.

What are you trying to do? How are you trying to do it?

In a topic I created a month or two back I asked -

I created a new subfolder in Resources. Dragging images from that folder onto a page and they appear fine in edit mode, but in preview and in print to safari mode the image is replaced by the missing image icon [?]
When I put them back into the main Resource folderI they work fine.

I didn’t receive any replies to the post, so I asked Yourhead and was told -

This is a known limitation of RW8. You can’t have images in folders. In theory it should be fixed in RW 9, but there’s nothing we can do right now unfortunately.

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