MP4 Video Gallery Stack

I am looking for a video gallery, just like the preinstalled “photos gallery”, where I simply drag and drop the videos into a list and it will automatically create thumbnails and when clicking on the thumbnail the videos open. There used to be something like this on Rapid Weaver 5 but somehow they dropped it. I was trying the “Video” stack from Yuzoolthemes and “Player” from Archetypon, but both of them don’t offer a thumbnail view.
Does anyone know another good and easy to use video gallery stack?


Hi, @ratka007,
You may want to check out VideoCarousel from CosCulture. It does produce thumbnails. You can set it up in different ways. Here’s a sample of my own setup (I am using this video gallery for years):

After you click on a specific thumbnail, it opens a lightbox with the video.

Thanks for the info.
How do you get the gallery? I only get the carousel look and I don’t see any settings to change it to gallery mode.

Hi, Bernhard, I’m so sorry for unintentional misleading you. The software I am using comes from @CosCulture, indeed, but it is EasyTube plugin – not the Video Carousel stack. However, they don’t list it on their website anymore. It looks like they prefer to go with stacks exclusively from now on (I got to enquire with Eric about this). EasyTube still works in RW 7, though.

I got news from Eric (CosCulture). Indeed, he retired the old EasyTube Gallery plugin, but he replaced it with YouTube Gallery stack. You may want to check it out here. I think I will get it myself.