Looking for a Video stack

I have a video hosted by a company that shoots Real Estate video’s - it is cloaked using one of my URL’s - I"d like to somehow embed that into a stack if at all possible. Thereby keeping the user on my site.

Thanks in advance for any assistance as to how I might acheive this.

The video can be seen here:



That is a flash video, so it will not work in mobile devices. There is no way to embed the video from the site. I would contact the company that made the video and see if you can get an MP4 version of the video.

So if I could get an MP4 version of the video… would I be able to embed it? Does Joe Workman have such a stack? (noticing your jedi status)

Yes, Joe has the HTML5 Video stack. You could also ask if they have an Embed code for the video, and then you could put the code in an HTML stack

Zeebe, ok stack bought - MP4 files on my hard drive - is there a tutorial on how I best go about this process?

Also do you recommend adding the MP4 file as a resource, or is there a better preferred method?

Thanks for your help in advance.


The way I like to do it is to make a folder on your server, call it warehouse. Add a folder inside there called video. Add the files there. Be sure your video files do not have any spaces, use dashes ( - ) or underscores ( _ ) to represent spaces.

If you want your video to play in all browsers, and I suspect you do, then you will want to convert the MP4 file to WebM and OGV files. We suggest you use Miro Video Converter to do this. You will need to add those videos to your server as well.

Then use the links to the files on your server, they will be something like this (you will need to replace the appropriate names in the right spots)


Hope this helps!

Thanks Zeebe,

appreciate the detailed response and coaching.

Is it normal for those files to be very large - I have a 4 min video that is weighing in at around 1.27 GB - Seems like that might be really heavy for a website video?

Also is it right that I see a link (upper left) to download the video in preview mode? - It doesn’t seem to play in preview mode, just shows a black screen with a blue link “download video”

Thanks for all your help Zeebe, appreciate the great support!

Is it just the MP4 file that is so large? I would run that through Miro as well. As long as the links are set (specifically the MP4 one) you should see a play bar in preview.

Hi Zeebe, I ran it through Miro and then I ran it through HandBrake - I’ve managed to reduce the size to 90.4 MB - but that is still quite large (or so it seems)

You can see the site live here: http://woodbridgeofficepark.com/floor-plans/virtual-tours.html

If I haven’t said thank you already before - then a HUGE thank you for all your coaching and advice - it is really appreciated.

thx Ed