Viewing Resources Wish

(Bruce Kieffer) #1

I wish I could view the Resources list as small icons with names, or just names. It’s really hard to know which file is what the way it is now.

(Bonnie Tessler) #2

Agreed! It’s very difficult to manage with thumbnails instead of a list. Would love to have list view restored!

(Will Woodgate) #3

+1 I agree with others that list view would be a welcomed feature to have in Resources.

(Doug Bennett) #4

I agree,

The new resource manager is great but needs this feature.

Thought it was going to be addressed?

(Michael Doepke) #5

I also like to have list view back

(Doug Bennett) #6

Make sure you vote at the top of the post.

(Stephan Brockert) #7

Realy need the List View!

(Mary Delton) #8

Another vote for a list view like it used to be.

(Dan) #9

Yup, we hear you. We want this too :wink:


(system) #10

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