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I have 529 resource images I need to change, because of a change in layout.

Would be nice being able to select more than one resouce at a time… if you need to remove 20-30-40-50 or so… like I do from time to time.

Importing images to resources – would be nice being able to sorte them by name, date etc.

In my case all images are numbered from 1 - 529, but when imported the show up in no special order… IF they aren’t sorted in a folder in Finder before the drag-drop.

Reorder resources / images would be nice (I e-mailed about that earlier) – being able to move one resource before or after another. If you try that today, the resource you move will be added as the last resource.

If you want to replace say 20-30-40-50 resources – would be nice being able to batch replace instead of having to do it one of a time… maybe an option to replace a resource with the same file name – then a warning you can click yes or no to… just like the way Finder works.

Next year by the same time I’ll probably have 2000 images in the Resources – if I stick with resources and don’t upload via ftp to my server… but it is nice having a visual view of all your resource images on your Mac within RapidWeaver.

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It really doesnt take that long to update 529 images added to the resources. Only two beers + a glass og redwine – if you don’t drink too fast :wink:

Another feature for the wish list…

Above the images, top of windows, there’s a loooooot of ‘space’ available. How about a button to that’ll open either an image app that’ll let you adjust the colors or file size – or a limited built in image app (adjust colors, file size).

You can with version 8 click the image + space and get a preview – the preview will – like in finder – let you open the image in your default image editor (in my case Photoshop) – you can adjust the images (great feature) – but… changes doesn’t show until RapidWeaver is restarted. Should show on the fly – and the feature should be more visible (visible button).

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While we’re at it – another wish for the Resource Zone… seems logically.

Allow users to define the view size of the Resources / images.

In my case I have some – don’t know how many – images with a small detail I need to find and correct (replace)… but the detail is too small to see on the ‘Resource Image Grid’. With +500 resources / images (and counting) it’ll take some time to space-click easy image to find the few images I need to change…

Doesn’t have to be fluid from 25 - 400% but a few options would be nice.


Ohhhhh… aha!

There’s a solution to my problem… though I still think it would make sense being able to zoom in and out of the Resource Image Grid (the list of all resources / images).

Click one image – click the eye icon – use arrows to browse through the zoomed images.

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We’ll be implementing a fair few of these requests in RapidWeaver 8.1, so hopefully your workflow will be a lot smoother. Stay tuned!


Thank you *** like thank you very much *** for implementing ‘being able to reorder recource images’.

Yes, yes and yes – my workflow is a lot easier now.

Working with RapidCart Pro + Recources is a dream & I’m ready to double my 538 cart items!

RapidWeaver For Ever :slight_smile:

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In other words I’m drunk most of the time

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