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Just signed up with Rapidweaver. Got the program, but no Stacks, Foundry, etc. I’ll check into them once I have a bit more experience with the basics.

I’m using the Voyager template. It does nearly everything I need…but I want to add a menu bar…similar to what the Engineer template uses.

I can’t figure it out and couldn’t see anything in the forums that could help me. Can someone give me a hand…or do I need to buy the add ons to edit this template?

Many thanks!

Hi Arthur,

when you say ‘menu bar’ do you mean you want to replace Voyager’s full screen overlay menu that launches from the hamburger button with a main menu that sits horizontally across the top of the screen? Or something else?

You nailed it! (Didn’t know it was called the “hamburger button”…great name.)

The visitors to my site will benefit from something more obvious like an ever-present main menu bar.

Is it possible? Or are we talking radical surgery or the need to find another template?

It’s the latter I’m afraid. You can hack themes in all sorts of ways but it’s complicated and usually winds up creating problems down the line. You could also buy the Stacks plugin and then buy a menu stack that will override the built-in theme’s menu, but at this stage I’d recommend seeking out a theme that gives you the navigation style you want from the start.

Have a look at Will Woodgate has lots of themes there and some of them are free. All are free to trial. Or if you like the style of Voyager (apart from the menu) try Elixir’s website (the same author) and see if there’s a theme there you like. Premium themes for RapidWeaver

Hope this helps.


Many thanks for the speedy replies. Alas, nothing is simple. Looks like I’ll be investing further in the Rapidweaver/Stacks/Foundation/Foundry/Source ecosystem.

In the meantime, I’ll definitely follow your advice and check out ThemeFlood.

Thanks for helping a newbie! Much appreciated.

I think Source is the cheapest and probably has all you need. Its fantastic!

Source requires the Stacks plugin - but it’s a great product. It’s not a theme, more of a design-your-own blank space.

Without stacks you are beating your head against the wall.

I’m getting the picture. As powerful as I perceive Rapidweaver to be, it appears it is only customizable to the extent that a particular template designer permits.

Is there a simple way to use the base program to design a template from the ground up with out add ons?

Afraid not, it’s a case of find a template to meet your needs (some great free but also paid) or invest in Stacks plus framework/and or adding to get the site design you need.

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Got it.

So, if you folks would be kind enough to indulge one more newbie question about customization… [Please let me know if this should be a separate post.]

Based on the above conversation I’m giving the ENGINEER theme a spin.

It’s pretty capable but…is there a way to remove the overlay from the banner so the picture is “as original” as opposed to looking through a gray filter?

I’m mucking about in “page styles” under “Banner” and “Banner Background” but can’t seem to find the settings needed for the job.

You can do it with a little custom CSS.

Try adding this to the settings > code > CSS Srea for site wide or to the page inspector for page level:

.hero-overlay {
    background-color: transparent;

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Worked like a charm! Many thanks.

Arthur, I’m a little ahead of you, but Ryan Smith has just cranked up " again, and I’m really finding it helpful. He covers RW, Foundation and Foundry in some depth, with plenty of video tutorials and more promised this month! Good luck!

Many thanks. I checked out the demo video. Looks interesting and I’m also intrigued by the “best in class” feature.

By the way, I think I survived nearly 72 hours before investigating and purchasing foundry and a few other stacks. RW itself is a wonderful master framework, but pretty limited without the “extension applications”. So much so, that they should co/cross market them at the time of initial purchase. Would definitely spare new users some frustration.

If I hadn’t found this forum, I think I would have walked away from RW… again. (Believe it or not, I first purchased it in January 2006! Played around a bit and then abandoned it.) So I’m very thankful for the forum members and third party developers (and of course the RW folks!) for all they have done to make it into a robust, mature ecosystem.

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Just echoing what Arthur has said - I bought RW without really understanding that it was more a framework than a complete system. The initial job I had to do was to create a ridiculously simple web site to fit in with an Apple iOS app that I was developing, and I wanted a simple tool to do that. I did it, but then came to realise that RW isn’t a simple tool, and it takes investment of money and time to use it fully. It’s brilliant at what it does, but my point, much as Arthur’s, is that it is marketed as more of a solo performer than it really is.

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