Wanted - Stack for php includes

I use php includes on my site (sidebar) and would like to incorporate more. I currently make the include code in a variety of ways (including using a Styled Text page and then “stealing” the appropriate code to make the include.)

Why no stack to do PHP includes? I realize the “preview” render issues and such but MAMP could be used.

Why not using the HTML stack?

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Are you talking about making an include library item, or how to include them on a page?
A statement like:
<?php require_once "%resource(RS_BSfunctions.php)%"; ?>

Can be added to the prefex section of the page or site.

This example uses RW resources, but you can also use a full URL


instacks and teefers… I do use an html stack for the include call… I’m asking about a stack to DESIGN/CREATE the include code and upload it to say, an “include” directory. In other words… all dependencies (paths, css, etc) would work globally over entire site.

You are talking then about a stack creation itself I guess :wink:

Maybe the resources folder would be the best therefore.

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