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I am thinking about warehousing all my images and fonts for easier weaving. I am wanting to install my own cloud on the company host and probably set up a domain like warehouse.domain.org but I am looking for a good online cloud file manager.

I am already aware about the one called “owncloud” but it look like i am require to install binary instead of a simple script on the server. This company host, I do not have shell or root access so I can’t install binary on it.

Anyone know any other good open source cloud script something like a php script that can manage all my warehouse file but provide me file information like a URL to the file itself which I can copy and paste from?

Thank you for feedbacks

Bill: I understand what you want to accomplish, but not WHY you are asking the question. There are 3 possibilities as to why:

  1. Your hosting service does not provide enough space for you to upload images/fonts. In that case my suggestion and Steve’s don’t help.
  2. Fastest way for customers to upload, but there is plenty of server space…
  3. Fastest way for you to upload. Customers not an issue. Plenty of server space.

If you don’t have enough space then you may want something like OwnCloud. I can’t make a recommendation as I have plenty of server space with my host.

If this is mainly for clients, then as @SteveB mentions, Repository stack is absolutely the way to go. Easy to upload, to download, to copy a link (great for images), and to create subfolders.

If this is mainly for you, then Repository stack may be the best option again, but many folks would simply use FTP software (e.g. Transmit, Forklift, Yummy, some free options) to upload to a subfolder, copy URL and other stuff.


We have a dedicated server so spaces is not a concern. I have all the spaces I want or needed. It will be for myself and co-workers using it for web development and email.

Right now, I store all the images and contents that I use in web development on OneDrive so I can access it either from my office at work or at home and I have 1TB of spaces on it. But it filling up fast because it where I store all my RW projects, I am the only person that does web development but the co-workers uses the same images for emails like the logo etc and every time they needed the images, I had to send it over from my OneDrive since I don’t want them to have access to it and I don’t want to create a public folder in it.

Basically I wanted to become less dependence on OneDrive and set up a warehouse so the co-worker have access to all the images to use in email and I figure by removing the images from RW project files and start using warehouse then project file will get lot smaller in size too. It would be easier just to swap out the images in warehouse when needed without having to open up project file to swap it.

@SteveB Do you know if the repo stack will display the contents in the folder if I use ftp ti upload a bunch of images in it or I have to use a built in uploader?

You can upload materials to the Repository stack via FTP software or the in-built uploader. Obviously your co-works would use the in-built option. But you can use FTP software if that helps you with bulk transfers.

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Thank you for info!

Going to submit a buy request for that stack to our accounting dept on Monday :slight_smile:

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