Perfect for Warehousing: Repository Stack

You want to organise your warehoused photos on your server the correct way, or upload photos for Gallery Stack? You want to provide your customer a way to upload documents, or dowload them? Need to perform a change on website files when you are not on your Mac?

Repository Stack is the perfect answer therefore. It is a File Manager, Media Browser, and Online Text Editor for RapidWeaver and allows you to manage your server files and saves you a lot of time:

  • Upload all kind of files like images or documents, also by drag and drop
  • Create, rename, or delete folders and files
  • Move files around the server location
  • Edit text documents like css, js, html, or php directly on the server
  • Preview images in a gallery style lightbox

More Information and online demo:

Review by @mabinogion Rob:

Thanks to all testers @SteveB @RapidBase @NeilUK @mabinogion @mp1963


This stack is very good, especially if you’re interested in image warehousing (highly recommend).


Another brilliant idea for RW users.


As file managers go this stack is a real powerhouse. Well worth the money too!

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Released a smart v1.1 update:

  • You are now able to use a second username / password to login into the UI. Will see if an integration into Sitelok is possible. Thanks @mp1963 therefore
  • Email notification for newly uploaded files. Thanks @Rovertek for that idea

v1.2 will get even better warehousing and embedding capabilities :wink:


@instacks: integration with Sitelok would be fantastic! Hope it can happen.

go for sitelok, please! :star_struck:

@Mathew @papart
v1.2 now brings Sitelok integration. Thanks @vibralogix Adrian for the support and great Sitelok service!

Updated demo:


Wow. This is a powerful stack.

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Thats great news. Glad you got that working.


@instacks: I just checked the tutorial and I can let an entire group in! Fantastic. This is great for classes and other groups that use Sitelok. Instant purchase.

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The embed feature is really nice. I’m already thinking about how I might use this for a couple of courses I’m teaching next semester. Well implemented!

Thanks for making the Repository stack stronger and more versatile over time.


Steve: I’ll try to create a short video today. Unfortunately I’m located in California, so that video may not get to you until past 7 p.m. your time.

Steve: Here’s the video. I did not have the time to “think it through” before recording. If I had it would have been more succinct. It’s 10 minutes. Hopefully this will help. And, obviously, if I have stated anything incorrectly then I’m sure Jannis will correct me!


Very useful video. Repository is a powerful and above all, easy and quick to setup CMS solution.

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@SteveB and @webdeer : Thanks to both of you. I’m glad it was useful! I’ll definitely be using the embed feature for a course I’m teaching next semester. Not as full blown as TotalCMS (e.g.) but a nice option when needs are more modest.

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Really loving this for warehousing but I have a couple of questions -

  1. In preview in RW after logging-in I just get a blank page - not a massive problem but just wondered if this is normal?
  2. I’d like to use it to allow a number of businesses on a business park to upload images etc. Is there any way (sitelok?) to only allow each business access to their own folder and not all the others?


Hi @Jason_I

  • that’s not normal and most probably a problem how RW starts the inbuilt PHP web server. Hard to debug, sometimes restart of Mac helps.

  • yes, you’d have to create several repository pages underneath different (parallel) folders. Each repository Stack can be configured to allow access by different Sitelok user groups.

Cheers Jannis

Thanks for your reply. Not sure I’ve done this correctly but I’ve created one repository page as the main admin and then separate repository pages as sub folders (for each business) so for example and etc. What’s nice about this is I can enable all the permissions for the admin one and only enable the permissions I want to for each business’s folder.
I think it might be better to do all this as a new RW project and use a sub-domain for it…
Not sure I need to use Sitelok at all but it might be an idea for handling passwords etc.

Many thanks,


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No, Sitelok isn’t required therefore.