Weaver News Update and Call for Submissions

It’s been a bit over a week since we launched Weaver News. And I’m pleased to say it’s going strong. We’ve had a ton of new users.

And best of all – it seems to really be working. Some of the lesser known developers have been bubbling up with votes from users excited about what they’ve built. It’s great to see some fresh talent getting some time in the sun!

Check out these popular posts from last week:

Snowflakes was a hit:

HitCounter got a lot of interest:

And IN MOTION has only been posted a day and is rising quickly:

That’s all great news, but this is also a call for a bit of help. I need you… yes, really, you!!! If you see a plugin, theme, or stack, or bit of important RapidWeaver news that we’ve missed, please post it Weaver News! The community is so active, and so much is happening all the time, it’s easy to blink and miss something great.

Check out the latest or post something new today: http://weaver.news

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