The future of RapidWeaver is in your hands 🀲 Vote Now 🀝

This is a trial to see if we can work with our users to build an open roadmap and get more of a steer of what you guys want from the future of RapidWeaver. So…

Let us know how we can improve RapidWeaver. Vote on existing ideas or suggest new ones. The future of RapidWeaver is in your hands .

Use the Search to see if the feature you want has been requested by other users :+1:

Go forth, and make RapidWeaver yours :blush:

Happy Weaving,


I like the idea but why do I have to sign up for another thing?


Yeah I know it’s a pain to sign-up to yet another thing, but this service looked quite good to work with our users on a Roadmap to make sure we deliver what everyone wants!

Great suggestions and feedback so far, keep it coming. Out goal is to implement the most voted upon features (where possible)!

:point_right: Post your suggestions and vote here.


I just would like better reliability please. E.g. the BLOG function is looking very ill. :slight_smile:

Hi @RemekTek β€” as the original post states, if you want to make your voice heard, use the link provided to submit your request officially:

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