What's New in the world of RapidWeaver

One of my little side projects is to a news tracker to collect all the news, announcements, and updates that are posted about RapidWeaver and RapidWeaver addons. And each week we collect the best and send out an email. If you’d like to sign up you can here: http://www.weaver.news

It’s totally free. No ads or anything else. We just do this for fun and because we love RapidWeaver addons.

Here’s a few of the most popular things this week:

Only a few days left to register for Weaver Space Conference 2016

The online conference you can watch from home. And where yours truly is giving a talk on Friday

Chronicle Theme by Kuler Solutions

Cool new RapidWeaver theme for keeping distractions to a minimum. Super clean. Super “content forward” design. Love it.

Stacks 3.2.5

Fresh bits from Yourhead. Stacks 3.2.5 has tons of bug fixes to address lots of corner cases — especially in RapidWeaver 7.1 and PlusKit.

Command Line Publishing for RapidWeaver

A very quirky plugin that allows for super simple publishing right from the command line. This is for all the nerds in the audience (like me!!!).

SuperBox 4 from Will Woodgate

A great update to a great stack for displaying photo collections and galleries. Easy to use, lots of options, and builds a great looking page.