🎉 Weaver's Space Black Friday Sale 2018 - 30% to 40% off everything

(Joe Workman) #1

Save 30% to 40% on Everything!

No coupon code required! All orders over $100 will get 30% taken off their order automatically at checkout. The sale starts now and will continue through Cyber Monday (Pacific Standard Time)

WSC Members Save 40%

If you became a member of the Weaver’s Space Conference in 2018, I want to give you 40% off all orders over $100! You should have received an email with a special discount code just for you.

Not a WSC Member Yet?

You can purchase a one year WSC membership today (at 30% discount). You will get access to all live events and recordings for the next 12 months. Any orders after that will qualify you to get the 40% discount during this Black Friday Sale.

RW Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals roundup
(Tapio Laakkonen) #2

So, close :joy: I guess I have to keep stacking :wink:
But seriously, thanks, generous deal!

(Paul Brown) #3

Not seeing the discount being applied at checkout or right up to PayPal payment. Am I missing something?

(Neil Egginton) #4

Have you got the minimum $100 in your cart? That might be one reason it’s not working.

(Paul Brown) #5

Hi - yup - went up to $400 and no show?

(Neil Egginton) #6

$400? You might have broken it then :wink:

(Paul Brown) #7

Ha! Maybe…!

(Neil Egginton) #8

I just tested it with $109 in the cart. I got to the “Enter card details” and no discount was applied.

(Paul Brown) #9

Hmmm. Glad it’s just me then. Tried in Chrome, Firefox and Safari and nothing is playing so far

(Joe Workman) #10

FIXED!!! I accidentally had the discount code set to auto-destruct after one use.

(J Boudreau) #11

There seems to be a problem with the paypal checkout. My order is in an I selected PayPal (checkout with PayPal) and clicked on the PayPal Checkout and nothing happens

(Joe Workman) #12

PayPal checkout uses a popup for some reason now. Did it open behind your browser? Or maybe it got blocked? I am looking into getting that changed.

(J Boudreau) #13

I have been using PayPay all morning with no problems. I shutdown all of my open windows with nothing pointing to PayPay.
I tried adding something to my order and still it will not work. I could try the credit card but I would like to maintain all my purchasing with PayPal

(Joe Workman) #14

Try a different browser? Or maybe try enabling popups?

(Paul Brown) #15

Thanks Joe. Worked perfectly. That’s me $599.70 lighter! Well worth it though - top TotalCMS and hard to beat helpdesk!

(J Boudreau) #16

I closed Safari and cleaned out the cache. It worked!

(Joe Workman) #17

The sale is ending pretty soon… you have until tonight at 11:59pm PST.

Thank you to everyone that has already taken advantage of the sale. I am excited to see what you are going to build with your new goodies. See you on the Weaver’s Space Community

(system) #18

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