WeaverTips - The best tips for RapidWeaver

Hi RapidWeaver friends,

I put together a little site called https://weaver.tips The goal of the site is to build a collection of how-tos for doing various tasks in RapidWeaver in short GIF format. Eventually, I hope to cover a little of everything from the beginner through the advanced. Please grab some :coffee:, visit WeaverTips, and let me know what you think!

Your top dog,


Love it! A new site to keep checking back at!

That’s great Greg.

Are you going to invite contributions?


Excellent idea, well put together and much needed.

Greg: Thanks! Nicely done. I look forward to future additions!

I could. It is set up for that. It would have to be the same format and resolution.

Might be worth putting the requirements somewhere so that people can submit stuff. I occasionally come across a little something that would be worth recording and adding to the list.


Finally! Great idea! I already used one of your tips in my own workflow…

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If you have any suggestions or ideas, let me know! I plan to do another recording session next week!

@barchard Think this is a WONDERFUL idea. Already making key combos so I can send people with support issues there. Couple of ideas and points that might make it more useful.

On this tip

I was hoping to see the different ways to view the icons, so maybe a better description, or even a little explanation about what you are showing. Another example of an explanation would be on this tip:


Where would the person go to get the log. You can either show that or put it as an explanation in the post.

Again, great idea. Thanks for making it.

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What do you mean different ways to view the icons? Not sure I follow.

Regarding viewing the logs, that will be a great different/new tip. I’m really trying to keep these extremely focused on one small digestible chunk. I shoot for 15 seconds per Gif. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Greg @barchard. Always more to learn no matter how much time you spend on RW.

Hey Greg, this is what I meant about icons:

Yea different library stuff is on my list. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Great idea - I guess I’ll need to come up with a new name now. Here is what I was/am working on: https://weavertips.com/



Nice work Greg. The idea of being succinct & using GIFs is outstanding.
This should be a great way for people new to Rapidweaver to get an overview & remain engaged.

At very least, its a summary of what they might see in longer videos, if & when they exist.

Usually the simple stuff gets beat to death in elaborate videos that get perhaps one full viewing, is then subsequently perceived as overly verbose or too cumbersome after that one viewing. A trend true all over, not specifically RW-ccentric.

I learned I could lock a stack! Knew it had to be there, but kept neglecting to figure out how. Or forgot. Simple headslapper, maybe obvious - now.

New enough to not realize I can toggle partials.

Possibly here’s one (?): How do I easily tell which plug-ins are owned vs “free demos” from within RW?
real easy to overload the library with demos (I) never get to assessing & then forget are merely demos.

How about dark readable backgrounds in edit mode - when using bright text?

Nice one Greg - easy on the eye and a great idea. Thank you. Agree with Robbeattie - contributions might be useful

Thanks. Definitely taking submission ideas right now!


Nice start. That’s going to be a pretty site from what you’ve done so far!

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@barchard Can I ask you what App you use to create your GIF’s? They work very well.

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