Weavium – 2019 Black Friday Weekend Sale! πŸ€—

:hugs: Greetings from Weavium!

We are excited to announce Our 2019 Black Friday Weekend SALE

~ 3 big ways to save ~

#1 – 35% off 2 or more products


#2 – 45% off 3 or more products


#3 Full Stack Bundle 80% OFF!

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Sale ends December 3rd

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I received a notification from PayPal that @weavium (Weavium) issued me a $5 credit if spent at Weavium.com, yet when I went to Weavium.com, the site is no longer a secure site.

Has Weavium.com been hacked?

This $5 credit thing seems like something that should have been part of the Black Friday sale, and now feels like a lure.

Looks like it’s secure to me
http://weavium.com/ gets redirected to https://www.weavium.com/.

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Screenshot from my phone.

Not secure.

Two post on the same subject.

Done with this one


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