Weavium - 3 New Stacks (2 FREE) Black Friday Sale

Greetings to all from Weavium : )

We are exciting to announce that we are currently holding a Black Friday SALE until December 1st! Along with 3 new stacks! (Yahoooo~)

Use the following Discount codes at checkout:

*Sale lasts until December 1st, 2017

35% off any 1 product


45% off 2+ Products**


Slidetastic - Our Latest Premium RapidWeaver Stack

You’ll never need another slider again. Slidetastic is a full-blown content & image slider with nearly every possible configuration that we could think of! It was one of those projects that became more powerful than we could have ever imagined. We are very proud!


  • Over 20+ arrow button configurations (Say whaaaaa??)
  • Slidetastic Image stack for easy full-image sliders with captions
  • Configur Slidetastic Image captions to appear on active or hover
  • Customizable Slide #s and Slide scroll amounts for Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile
  • Loop, Autoply, Pause on Hover, Timing speeds you name it
  • Awesome center mode for making active slides pop
  • Stunning preview in stacks edit mode

Get it Now~




A killer FREE stack for creating full width content sections with titles & descriptions - by Weavium

Floating Youtube Video

A FREE stack for creating collapseable, floating YouTube videos - by Weavium

Get them free today~

We’d like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and as always show our appreciate for all of the love and support~



Oops, your site cannot be reached currently…

“(We’re sorry, but something went wrong. If you are the application owner check the logs for more information.)”

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Thanks for the heads up!

I had just barely made a change to a script on the site, and it looks like there was a typo in the code…

The issue has been fixed and the site is back up and running now~

@weavium Not much sliding going on at the live examples page…or am I mistaken?


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I noticed that I didn’t have most of them set to “Autoplay” so they weren’t sliding, I just updated them and republished. They seem to be sliding well now : )

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Your site is now up-and-running again and the slider looks really nice. But the discount code isn’t accepted…

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@RapidBase Which discount code is it that you are having trouble with Matthias?, I will take a look and see if I can’t find a solution for you!

In order for the 45% off discount ( weavium_bf_2017_2 ) to work, the total must be over $30.00 (e.g. 2+ products)

Otherwise, you can use the 35% off discount code ( weavium_bf_2017_1 ) on any purchase.

Keep in mind that the discounts only apply to Paid products, and not Free ones.

Thanks, I meant this (at the bottom of the Slidetastic page):
Get 25% off using the follow discount code at checkout:

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@RapidBase Aha! I see~ You were correct the date for the Slidetastic initial release discount code was off! I just fixed that as well. Although, you can save more $$$ by using our Black Friday discount codes!

Thanks for the clarification and fixes! :slight_smile:

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