Meet Weavium - Premium Themes & Stacks for RapidWeaver

Hi everyone,

Meet Weavium! We are a new theme & stack developer for RapidWeaver.

We would like to introduce ourselves to the community for the very first time. We’d simply like to say that we hope to provide lots of amazing stacks/themes for RapidWeaver in the near future and we look forward to helping RW users make incredible websites!

Thank you all for your kindness and support. ^_-

You can checkout our homepage, and subscribe to our mailing list here:

Weavium - Premium Themes & Stacks for RapidWeaver

We would also like to announce our latest Stack release Total Calculator!

It is currently on sale for 50% off for the holidays! (offer lasts until July 4th, 2017)

Just use the discount code: total_calc_initial_release

You can check out the preview page here: Total Calculator - Preview Page


Hi there.

Your tutorials page is not working, and having an imprint who you are would always be good.


Could you change the grey-on-white text? It is very hard to read and thus I would just leave the site again. Other than that: Welcome and I am looking forward to your solutions and stacks.



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Yes, as Jan mentioned, the light grey on white is hard to read.

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Thanks everyone for the comments! We appreciate the warm welcome~ We hope to get the site updated soon with more information. : )

Also, are you referring to the grey on white text on our homepage, or our preview page? We would be glad to darken the text to make it more legible.

Thanks so much~

On the homepage… but please change it anywhere as well…

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Who are you?

You joined the forum at the same time you posted this. Your website including the demo for the one stack you are offering is not a RapidWeaver site, looks like it is a WebFlow site.
Anyone that has any experience with RapidWeaver would not create a simple site with WebFlow. Your website or your profile does not state who is involved.

I would take caution before purchasing anything until more is disclosed.

Your support page does NOT work 404

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I happened to purchase the stack earlier, with the 50% off coupon and the receipt showed at least one of the players involved and it was a reputable RW developer. I don’t know who else is involved and I’ll let them introduce themselves (or not) as they see fit.

The other comments/caveats notwithstanding, it’s not a brand new group of people from what I can tell.

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If they are “reputable” then why hide the name(s) of the players?

No support page, how are people with less experience to get help?

I would take caution before purchasing anything until more is disclosed.

Let us see what they will come up with. The marketing at least has not been thought through. You just do not make an entry into the RW community with a half-ready website which is not even built using RW. Why not just promote the stack, then come up with a polished website.

P.S. I am happy to help out and built the website using RW :slight_smile:


Like I said, not arguing with any of the points just noting that I recognized the name after I purchased. I’d agree with Jan that they seemed to have unnecessarily rushed things

Hello, Does this takes care of the “Tax” as well?

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Thanks again everyone,

We assure you that there is nothing to worry about~

Our support page is currently under development, and we’ve updated all support links to direct users to our support email. Of course, we would be happy to help in anyway that we can.

We will have our site updated soon with more information about who we are. Because we are just starting out, and we really just want to make useful stacks for RW users, not everyone wants to disclose their full information. I hope this is understandable at this point in time. Although, we will do our best to disclose what we can.

We have a lot of experience with RW and we can easily develop our site with RapidWeaver, for times sake, we quickly designed the site in webflow, and then exported the code to our server. The site itself is not running on Webflow, it is pure HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP running on Heroku.

Our main goal at this point is simply to share some of the useful stacks and tools that we have developed personally with the rest of the world, hense the rush for getting things setup. We will try to have things set up more officially in the near future.

We really just wanted to dip our feet into the waters and dive into the community head first. ^_-

Hopefully we can produce and share some really useful and unique themes/stacks with everyone!

We appreciate all the inquiries~

Also, as for taxes, total calculator does not currently handle this type of information, but it has been requested already and is being considered for future updates.


Welcome @weavium and nice first Stack - looking forward to seeing what else you build :slight_smile:


Beautiful site, @weavium, and impressive debut stack!

Welcome indeed.


Welcome @weavium looking forward to see more

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Hi Rajat,

We are excited to announce that the next update for Total Calculator will include the ability to calculate tax percentages and include that value in the total. Users will also be able to to choose to show Pretax and/or Taxed totals.

: )


@weavium that’s really great, would it also be possible to add the new items on the fly along with selecting the items from the list? Thank’s Rajat

@rajat That is not a bad idea~ We will definitely look into it and see what we can do. We’ll report back here if we think that this will be a possible feature for the next update. Thanks for the suggestions. : )

  • Weavium

We are pleased to announce that progress for the next update of Total Calculator is looking good. We’ve added a completely new way of managing currencies, which will allow people from all countries to specify their own currency format. We’ve also added the ability to set decimal values, set placement of currency symbols (before/after), and change thousand/decimal separator symbols.

The most exciting thing is that we have added the optional ability for users to create/edit/delete their own items on the fly!

The next version will be 1.5.0, and we hope to push it out within the next week.

Thanks everyone.