Weavium 2019 summer sale 🏄‍♂️

WEAVIUM 2019 SUMMER SALE :man_surfing::fire:

Full Stack Bundle – $100.00 – ($580.00 value)

35% off 2 or more stacks


45% off 4 or more stacks


SAVE BIG & Learn More Here


In my Firefox your “unlimitab”-example page has some problems.
Is it the same on your side?

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the codes unfortunately do not work…

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Looks like there was a small bug with the codes when trying to use them with the new RSS Architect stack. I’ve just fixed the issue in Cartloom and everything should be working now. Also, keep in mind, they don’t work with FREE stacks. It must be 2+/4+ a non-free stack.

Thanks for the heads up : )

Hi there,

Can you send us a link to your website via our support mail? I will take a look and see if I can’t re-create the issue. Thank you!

it still does not work on my side …

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no no ;o)
It is your example page :o)

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Hi Ben,

Can you be more specific as to what’s not working? I’ve tested the codes several times and they seem to be working just fine.

Also, other users are successfuly using the discount codes.


… and?
Did you guys had a chance to look into it?
In Firefox on Mac it somehow doesn’t work here.
Is it that way, when I work with “Unlimitab” on my projects, too?

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Does weavium read these posts, too?!

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I’m working on finding this issue.

Thank you for your patience.

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On my Mac, the Tabs Unlimited preview page looks fine on Firefox. Not sure what harry is experiencing.


Seems to work fine here, be sure you have the latest version of Firefox (68.0.1) and that you have turned off extensions, as one of those could be the issue.

Hey Rob,

I’m using the latest Firefox and have no extentions installed.
But thanks a lot for your ideas …

I’m wondering if this summer sale has already ended? I went to the site today to do some buying—there’s no mention of the bundle or the discounts.

@Moonspinner @weavium - I had the same issue. I wonder if it’s the time difference?


I didn’t see an expiration date listed in the sale promo info, but I may have missed it

In the email I have, it says it ended on July 22

Ahh ok. It would have been nice for that date to be shown on the weavium site (and in the Weavium post here in the forum). As of yesterday the promo was still featured on the website, with no expiration date mentioned

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