Web Icons not working

While 8.2 seems to work fine for what I’m doing I’m having a problem with Web Icons. I go to Settings, Web Icons and place my icons into Classic Favicon and RW freezes. To test this problem I opened up a new project and the same thing happened. The theme I’m using is Future. Don’t know if it is just me or not.

I’ve just done the same thing with 8.2.1, the same theme and it works fine. Maybe something else is causing a conflict? What kind of image are you adding?

I’m using favicon png.

It seems as if the png format is the problem. If I generate the image as an ico it works fine. Curious to see what if the png is a problem for you @robbeattie

I’m cheating I’m afraid. Using an old Doobox app called Rapid Icons. Think it does all the conversions for me!

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This site will generate all the possible versions of a logo along with code should you not wish to use the built in RW functionality.


Doobox has another icon creator called Favicon Pro, and it’s free. https://www.doobox.co.uk/apps/app_demos/faviconpro.html

@PaulRussam Thanks for the link. Downloaded it and it works just fine.

@davidfreels thanks also for the download link.

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