Web Icons not working

(Henry Halem) #1

While 8.2 seems to work fine for what I’m doing I’m having a problem with Web Icons. I go to Settings, Web Icons and place my icons into Classic Favicon and RW freezes. To test this problem I opened up a new project and the same thing happened. The theme I’m using is Future. Don’t know if it is just me or not.

(Rob Beattie) #2

I’ve just done the same thing with 8.2.1, the same theme and it works fine. Maybe something else is causing a conflict? What kind of image are you adding?

(Henry Halem) #3

I’m using favicon png.

(Henry Halem) #4

It seems as if the png format is the problem. If I generate the image as an ico it works fine. Curious to see what if the png is a problem for you @robbeattie

(Rob Beattie) #5

I’m cheating I’m afraid. Using an old Doobox app called Rapid Icons. Think it does all the conversions for me!

(Paul Russam) #6

This site will generate all the possible versions of a logo along with code should you not wish to use the built in RW functionality.

(David Freels) #7

Doobox has another icon creator called Favicon Pro, and it’s free. https://www.doobox.co.uk/apps/app_demos/faviconpro.html

(Henry Halem) #8

@PaulRussam Thanks for the link. Downloaded it and it works just fine.

(Henry Halem) #9

@davidfreels thanks also for the download link.

(system) #10

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