Web page with no menus

I have a need for some dynamically generated web pages that I’ll fill in with my Django App. I’d like them to be stylistically similar to my main website, but without the menus. Is there a way to generate a web page in RapidWeaver that doesn’t contain the menus?

I could then use the html of the page it as a template in Django.


There are some themes that give you the option to disable the menu. You can also select do not show page in menu I think it’s under page settings, but you may run into the mobile menu appearing.

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Uncheck show in navigation


I thought that would work, but that disables the showing of the page in the menu. I want to disable the showing of the menu in the page.

use foundation or uikit themes see if they do the trick

Assuming your theme doesn’t have a No Navigation option

  1. If the page without navbar doesn’t change often you could try to simply turn off “Show in Nav” flags, publish your page(s) then turn your Nav flags on again.


2.) I think you could make a separate project for the page(s) that get no menu. Duplicate your project. Delete all the pages except the ones to be without header. On those pages make sure “Show in Navigation” is off. You should now have a page with no navigation I believe.

Publish the page as normal. A dup of your original project ensures all settings and setups are the same. Uploading that one page (or however many) from a second project is no different that uploading the single page when it was in the original. I run six RW projects for one site. Works great.

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