How do I Show a page in site map but not in navigation SOLVED

(scott williams) #1

I am looking for a way to have several pages that show up in my site map but not in the navigation. I am currently using Sitemap Plus but when I remove a page from navigation I can not “uncheck” hide in site map.

Any ideas?

(Brad Halstead) #2


Manually create your Sitemap using Stacks, use the previously generated sitemap.xml as an example to build your own for your custom Sitemap?


(scott williams) #3

Thanks for the reply @Turtle,

I had hoped to hear that another site map solution would work or there was a way to do it in Sitemap Plus. I’m not really sure why it would not let the user decide to include a page not in navigation, it lets you exclude one that is… Maybe @isaiah will stop by this thread with some wisdom to share :slight_smile:


(scott williams) #4

Okay in an effort to help others…
If you un-check Hide pages marked “Don’t show in Menu” you can then decide for your self which do and don’t show up.

(Brad Halstead) #5

@swilliam, This is a configuration setting in SiteMap Plus correct?


(scott williams) #6

correct - (and the rest of the needed characters)

(Brad Halstead) #7

Thanks for sharing @swilliam