Web Safe Colors vs Not

(Hugh Sakols) #1

When editing my banner, from the Volcano template, I choose web safe colors as opposed to the many other options in the color choices. Is this still wise for me to do or should I pick whatever colors I like? My site is oriented for landscape photographers and lovers of Yosemite.

Also it doesn’t look like my changes in banner color transferred to all of my pages?



(Rob D) #2

Hi, Hugh,

You can choose any colors you want, not just “web-safe”. In Volcano (and probably any other theme), if you change anything (colors, sizes, etc) – you create a new ‘Style’. You need to name and save that Style. Then, you can reuse that new Style for any page you like – by selecting it in the list of styles.

(Hugh Sakols) #3

Thank you so much! I appreciate your help.