Style Guide Stack in Foundry

Using Foundry and Style Guide stack for consistent colors. Set it up on Home page with my colors but for other pages it reverts to the original colors. I tried t make it a partial or an external or a template but none of that worked. How do I make the Style Guide consistent thought out my site.

Thank you!


I don’t think The style guide stack set’s anything. It’s there for reference during edit.

My understanding is that you set the colors in the main Foundry stack (control center) and in edit mode the Style Guide shows you the colors selected.

So I think what you want to place inside the partial is the Foundry Stack that you changed the colors on. Then place that partial on each page. Then when you change colors in the main Foundry Stack that’s inside the partial, those changes would be reflected across the other pages.


Perfect – Thank you!

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