Web site protection

(Neil Smith) #1

Is there anything out there to protect my web site, hackers and malware etc.?
I’m looking at something called 'sitelock’
Its available from my host one.com just wondering if anyone has any experience with it?

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

Sitelok by Vibralogix is fantastic. I’m not 100% sure you’re talking about the same product though. Cost is $40 for first domain installed on, $20 per additional domain. Very flexible and very powerful. Developer uses RapidWeaver.

(Neil Smith) #3

Hi Mathew,
No its not the same thing its by sitelock.com and its web security.
Thanks anyway.

(gille) #4

I know one.com , had many RW site on that hosting, but was terrible for WP sites.

Is your site linked to a database? If not, there is no use for extra security other then your hosting server firewall.

(Neil Smith) #5

Thanks for your reply gille,
Yes it is with one.com, not sure what WP sites are?
I have two other sites with RW on one.com and both have been hacked or picked up malware.
Not sure how this gets in or who try’s to hack it.
I had to go in and remove all this malware my self, mean time there was a warning on my site and know body could get in.
I thought I’ll need some sort of protection as I have paypal on this new site, don’t think its linked to any sort of database not sure on that.

(gille) #6

Hey Neil, can you give me the url of the websites? If you don’t want it here, you can private message me the url. I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

ps: WP = Wordpress :slight_smile:

(Dave Farrants) #7

I have had 7 sites/domains at One.com for several years all made in RW, never had a problem. They do offer SSH instead of FTP for security but you have to change it to / set it up in your CP.

(Neil Smith) #8

Hi gille,
web site i’m concerned about is www.wheeltappersdccsounds.co.uk
not bothered about the other two.

(Neil Smith) #9

Hi Dave,
What is SSH?
Mine is FTP.
Is it much bother to change it over I have 200 plus pages.
I did not know there was a difference, when I signed up for the site name it just went to FTP?

(Dave Farrants) #10

In your One.com control panel look for “SSH & FTP” > Click > Allow SSH & SFTP access > On > Click Send - One.com will send you a password.

In the box below > FTP Administration > Click Off

In RW > Publishing Settings > Change Protocol to SFTP and use the following with the password One.com send you.

Host: ssh.yourdomain
Username: yourusername

(Neil Smith) #11

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the info.
So what is the difference in using SSH against FTP?
Do you know if the price p.a. is the same, sorry for all the questions but I did not know I had an option.

(Dave Farrants) #12

Price is inclusive of your fees - no extra charges.

Suggest you read this : http://www.wise-ftp.com/know-how/ftp_and_sftp.htm explains it far better than I can.

(Neil Smith) #13

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the info.
I’ll give that a go on one of my other sites and see how I get on.

(Neil Smith) #14

Hi Dave,
I’ve changed that over to SSH now and seams to be working OK.
Thanks for that.