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Hi Everyone

I have a potential client that needs a pretty basic website, a single web-page, but he would like members to be able to login and see image galleries, download files, etc. Obviously I am trying to avoid using WordPress.

I assume I need several plugins to lock the member section, assign user names and passwords, and provide a CMS for the client to manage the member content and image galleries.

Without completely re-inventing the wheel and working under a smaller budget, is this a good fit for RapidWeaver? or would I be best to go to WordPress?

Any thoughts or Add-On Ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Sitelok is likely your best bet. Joe has a set of sitelok stacks. They’re not required but just meant to help streamline the process a bit.

You mentioned download files? Are you running a cart and these downloads are purchased? is your Member section associated with this at all? If so, something compatible with cart would be best. Sitelok does get my thumbs-up too if it works out for you.

I don’t have all the details on the project yet. I believe they will just be Word / PDF files to download for free. The website is a private access point for members union local. They just want their own space that isn’t part of something else like Facebook.

The the Vibralogix Sitelock a subscription based 3rd party solution? I feel like I am missing something here.

It’s a pay-per-domain solution (but pay once for that domain, not a recurring subscription). It is 3rd-Party but the owner is versed in Rapidweaver. It’s basically a package of files that you ftp to your server (along with some minor modifications that the manual runs you through), and then you have an Admin portal where you can manage users, etc.

Sounds interesting. So I would need to purchased the software for the domain through Vibralogix, and then Joe’s SiteLock stack would be able to work with it?

I will have to do some more research. I have to figure out how much everything will cost and how much time I would need to put into this so I can quote on it. This project is pretty small, so If it is too expensive of a solution (money or time) I may have to pitch the client a different option.

The Sitelock solution should (will) work brilliantly for you. As @jabostick mentioned, you pay once for Sitelock - no monthly subscription fees, etc. (future installations on other domains are just half price). Adrian ( @vibralogix - the owner) is not only well versed with RapidWeaver (he built his site in it), but his customer service is off the charts (in a very, very good way!).

Sitelock is a stand-alone product…all you need to buy is one license. But, from everything I’ve heard, Joe’s stacks make it easier to implement (it’s already very easy to do). If you run into issues, post back here and one of us will help you get it sorted. Or, just drop Adrian an email…I’m quite sure he’ll get it sorted too.



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Yep, purchase through Vibralogix. Like I said, Joe’s stacks aren’t necessary if you’re looking to keep costs down.

Yuzool used to have a ‘Members’ widget that would work However, if you don’t have it already, you can only get it as part of a bundle (here:

If they didn’t need user registration, you could just use PageSafe and provide a common password as well.

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After doing some research I think this could work for several projects going forward. Is there any way to use this membership tool for commenting by members? or can it only be used to show / hide content based on your membership level? It would be nice to have something that would really let me do away with WordPress.

The overall cost is fairly cheap. I am not worried about $39.95… I can work that into my quote easily.

Sitelok is fantastic. You can also buy plugins for it. Currently Vibralogix offers a Disqus plugin. Only those who enter the membership area can use the Disqus commenting system, and their comments are not shared with the general public. It works very nicely.

… the problem is Disqus has announced they are changing how they do things: and that could impact this SSO (single sign on) capability in that you may need to pay a fee for it. If this “might” be a solution for you then I would definitely go through the process of creating a relevant Disqus account and then asking them for a SSO key. You can find more at the Disqus plugin site.

The developer, Adrian, may steer you away from this plugin if he has additional information. I last checked around April 1. The plugin is about $15 and works fantastically. I’ve used it for several course websites where I want students to submit reflections and comments.

Worth noting that Page Safe (Jo Workman) now caters for multiple passwords and, if required, these can be managed through Total CMS. I have a site with over 500 passwords and it works perfectly. If managing passwords within the Page Safe stack, keep your passwords on a separate document and paste them in as the password input area is necessarily quite small.

Also has good styling options, great graphics, and offers the option of 4 or 6 digit passcode as well as complex passwords.

Also give Vibralogix SiteLok a massive thumbs up - but it offers a lot more than log in. If you don’t need that, Page Safe is now an excellent option and is dead simple to set up.