Website Design & Tuition

Anyone out there able to help me with Website Design & Tuition please? I have some experience with website software, from iWeb to Freeway and want help to upgrade my current site and then to manage it. Am happy to pay something of course but don’t have a budget of business size, as I am a sole trader.
If someone would be kind enough to look through my current site with me and discuss options I’d be very grateful.

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I’m also a sole trader who switched from Freeway to RW, so we have that in common. If you post a link of your site I imagine several people would help with suggestions on how best to proceed.

There are also some websites that offer RW tutorial video courses to get you started, such as that I joined for just a month when I first switched from Freeway to RW. The rest has been picked up through working experience and asking questions on forums.