Website Optimization Speed

Hello everyone!
I was wondering if anyone would be able to provide any recommendations for improving my website loading speed (specifically on mobile).
I use Tinify to shrink all the images, but it still seems a bit slow on mobile. Any tips and trick I would greatly appreciate! Thank you!

Hi, your images are way too big. Your header images is 10748 x 2400px large. For example 2400px in wide would be good. The other images too. Then there is an image with text “Functional Training Adult Fitness …” put it as text maybe a header. Search engines like text more then images and it increases the speed. Also the header make the logo as an images (maybe svg or png graphic) and the text right STRENGTH TRANING … as text. You have about 15MB try to get 2 MB or less. My homepage for example has about 2 MB and has more images then yours:

You can also run the speed test on my page!

Then you can also tune your .htaccess file (gzip …). Contact your host for that.

Torsten great thank you so much!