WebYep: Displaying the content of a field in two places on a page

Hi All,

I’m using WebYep to allow a client to manage some simple content on a page. It’s a homes-for-sale type of listing page. There are some detailed price break-down items which include the final, total sale price. I’d like to display that content in another place on the same page (actually within the same loop for that item), but can’t quite figure out how.

I’m assuming I need to insert some PHP code to display the unique field name… but I’m not good with PHP.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Please provide a link to the site so we can provide some specific recommendations.

Doh! Sorry… meant to do that!


What I’d like to do is have them enter all the pricing information in the table-like listing at the bottom, but have the “Sales Price” amount show up above where the “Price:” is listed.

Sent you a PM…

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