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Two Pages:

Page 1- displays data from a mySQL database using Kuler SQL Pro Table. One of the fields displayed is SQL Link (currently last name). Right now I have it opening a pop up window using a PopUpWindow stack that links to another field in the SQL database that is a URL to an image.

This isn’t really what I want it to do. I’m trying to have the link pass the last name as a filter for the sql query to Page 2 which displays data in a SQL Pro Table. This would allow me to have a single page that will change dynamically based upon the filter.

Appreciate any help and I’m not opposed ot purchasing other stacks to make it work.



Hi Robert,

Your description of what you want has got me a bit confused. Are you looking to filter content down to specific content? Wouldn’t a filter on the content give that to you?

I can suggest you look at EasyDB: https://www.stack-its.com/stacks/easydb.php

Maybe an example page would help :wink:


Thank for the response Bill. I’m probably not explaining it well enough. I’ll see if I can explain it a little better.

Home page opens a table with about 500 records from a mySQL database. I want to make the last name field a link to a second page, call it detail.html, that provides additional info of the person. Because there are 500 records, I would prefer not to make 500 individual webpages. The detail.html page would only show the info based upon the last name selected on the home page.

For the sake of simplicity, detail.html page would have address, phone, email, additional notes of the person selected from the home page.

Thanks agin Bill,


Hi Robert,

Ok, now I understand what you are looking for. Passing dynamic info from one page to another is a bit of an advanced feature, but I could see how that could potentially be done. Currently, I don’t think EasyDB would be able to do that, but that is an intriguing idea - I’ll put it on my request list. I think the closest you could come to that would be a TextGrid, apply a filter for whatever info is desired & then click the reveal button that shows all matching fields (information) for a record.

Thanks, Bill

Thanks Bill. I’m surprised this doesn’t exist already. Seems that it would be a fairly common need.

BTW. I would gladly pay anyone who can develop a stack that can do this for me. I’ve really hit a wall in my site development and can’t move forward without this function.



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