Joe Workman Total CMS - Repeating Sections?


I’m looking at @joeworkman’s TotalCMS Stack for an upcoming project. I had planned to use WebYep, because of the need to have an un-identified number of repeating sections (where each section has a pre-set format of a header, description, some text fields and an image gallery).

Does anyone know if TotalCMS can replicate WebYep’s “Loops”? Or if it might some day have that capability?


Hi @RVgeeks,
It does not have repeating sections or loops in the sense that you are thinking. But, you could use the Feed stack, which allows you to create multiple entries, kind of like it. If you look at this demo
you will see a latest news area. It has 2 standard posts, but I just added a 3rd, now it might now show, as Joe has his site reset content every 30 minutes, but you can easily add more.

Rob is correct. I feel that Feeds in Total CMS will take the place a majority of the use cases for repeat regions. I would be happy to hear what you are using them for if you don’t feel that they fit.

@zeebe & @joeworkman - I see what you mean about Feeds. They are certainly a large part of what I’m looking for from the WebYep Loop. But the situation I’m looking at is to be able to create a listing of properties available for rent. Each property needs several pieces of structured text information (unit #, a descriptive title, number of bedrooms, monthly rent, etc), a longer text description, and an undetermined (at the time of page creation) number of images of the unit that would display as thumbnails that can be clicked for a photo gallery.

Rinse and repeat that for each apartment.

Plus, WebYep allows you to easily add a whole apartment (with the data structure getting re-created for each one), as well as re-order them on the page.

So that’s what I’d be missing in TotalCMS. I know that this is probably a long-tail requirement, and not a lot of people will have it, but it never hurts to ask, right? :wink:

My feeds support the ability to provide a “template” in the post creation form. This way there is pre-made filler content so that the user does not forget to supply all of the needed information. The one piece that you seem to need that Feeds does not support is a gallery.

I do have plans to support galleries inside blog posts. Its possible that you could leverage that once its launched. I have no ETA on this though…

Gotcha! Thanks, Joe! I really appreciate the fast response and input. I’m DEFINITELY considering TotalCMS for this task… and the filler content reminder may work, along with galleries in blog posts. So I’ll keep my eyes out for that update whenever it hits.

Oh… and thanks for all the awesomeness you provide to the RW community! I really love all that you do and all of the great additions you provide to RW as a web building tool!!

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