Weird code line in head?

I am havinge a “remnant” of code on my project and i cannot find where it is…I am not very good at code so oi could really use some help…

The code is in a odd bar on the top of every page in my site…


Unfortunately the published page doesn’t really give us too many hints as to where root of the problem is located.

It does seem to come after the parallax slider / parallax mirror and before some meta tags.

So i would start the hunt there. Look for extra closing tags and extra quote marks

Anything here that could be making it show up?

I am pretty sure that its because you did the meta tag for the google verification wrong. Delete that “google” meta tag that you created. It has meta tag html as its content. That is not allowed.

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should i delete the entire line?

Yes. Delete that entire line.

Thanks for your help!!!
Josh Andrew Brown
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