1LD Testimonials stack error on Clearing

I am getting a weird symbol all of the sudden on my site. I’ve been using the stack for months with no error then today I noticed it. It’s not showing up in RW but once its published I any tips?

Yep, it’s right there in the code too – so whatever it is, it probably came from the content that’s inside of RW.


I’d take a closer look at the text in these fields. Did you happen to copy and paste it from another app? Perhaps that app has a special telephone symbol? Or perhaps this is meant to be shown in an icon-font?

If the answer to those questions doesn’t help solve the mystery, i think the next step is to take a close look at the text area inside RW/Stacks. Double click one of these text stacks and take a screenshot. Perhaps with that new info someone here on the forum can identify the issue.

Nothing there…I cant pinpoint it.

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