Weird message when opening RW7

(Thomas Schulz) #1

Anyone out there who can help with this problem?

This message shows up every time I open RW7. FormLoom2 is not installed. It was.
On RW5.

I asked the guys at Realmac long time ago. No answer yet. A message that the got the question. But after that… silence.

Thanks or helping me


btw. updating is not working :grin:

(Jason Bostick) #2

Formloom 2 won’t work with RW 7 (or isn’t recommended at least), according to Yabdab’s website. It must have got ported over to RW 7 when you upgraded, I’m guessing. You could delete it from your Addon’s folder maybe (if you don’t use it)? Or upgrade to Formloom3 if you do want to still use it…

(Thomas Schulz) #3

Hi Jason,

I tried to delete it. But …

So it seems that I have to upgrade…