Weird problems with Mountains Theme

Sorry to post a second question, but it’s for a separate website I made for my sister.

It was working fine on her original domain, but I switched domains, and moved the site over, and all of a sudden a couple things are acting strange. Here’s a link to the site

I’ve put image source code into the title field so that her logo shows instead of the Title. This worked fine before. And works on every page but the home page, where it brings in a box with a question mark. Which is so odd because it’s a global site setting, not page specific. I don’t understand why one page would have issues and not the rest.

Also the gallery page shows the Menu in super small text randomly. The rest of the pages show the menu normally. There’s no setting to change the font of the menu in the theme styles, and I have no idea how this happened.

Thanks for any ideas or help.

Did you override the Title field on the home page? The link to the logo is different from the other pages.

Home Page
<img src="" alt="“Halcyon" events="" and="" design="" border="0">

About Page
<img src="" alt="Halcyon Events and Design">

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Thanks for the response! Interesting, That’s the link I had for the previous website, you can see the domain is different. It’s as if RW isn’t refreshing with the new link I put in the Title field. Is there a way to refresh RW?

I’m not overriding the site Title, I’m entering image source code into the Title field in the global site settings. So it’s really odd that it would not reflect the change on one page.

I just tried changing the global Title setting to plain text “Halcyon Events” and the homepage still showed this same broken image as before, it didn’t switch to showing the plain text title. Every other page did.

This combined with the Gallery page menu being smaller text size than every other page has me worried about the health of my RW project.

Could this be a DNS propagation issue? I gave Namecheap my Greengeeks hosting nameservers to point towards GreenGeeks hosting right before I made these changes because when I checked online, it seemed to have propagated immediately. But shows some errors.

And this DNS propagation checker shows some locations around the world with a red X

It’s been almost 24 hours at this point, but maybe it wasn’t fully propagated when I made the changes. I don’t know much about DNS propagation.

I’m not sure what the issue was, but I just checked and the logo is now appearing on the home page. I think your issue is fixed. If you still don’t see it you may need to clear your browser’s cache.

Sorry I should have updated this thread. I deleted the homepage and re-made it, and the logo showed up in the new page. So that seems fixed.

But I still need to fix the menu text being very small on the homepage and gallery page. There must be some simple css I can add to make the menu text a certain font size.

Thank you!

The font size is being set on the body tag. The pages with the smaller size are 16px, which is the default for Mountains theme. The pages with the larger size menu items are set to 21px and also set on the body tag. I’m guessing that in the Page Styles’ inspector you increased the font size to 21px.

I didn’t increase the font size, it was all the same in the project on the previous domain, but it must have somehow got changed in the move. I’ve never touched that text size slider.

But you are right, it was the problem! Great easy solution! Looks great now. Thanks. I’ll reply again if I run into more weirdness.

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