Two issues I need help with my website

HI there.

Appreciate any input on these two issues I am having with my website.
This is the website:

The website contains both an Spanish set of pages, and an English set of pages. They are very similar in structure although not identical in content. Each language I keep on separate Rapidweaver files.

Issue 1: English pages do not display theme on Safari no matter what settings I use. On Brave (MacOS) it allows me to “run unsafe scripts” and then everything looks fine (except for Issue 2 below). For the life of me, I cannot find any “unsafe scripts” on the pages. I do have several plug-ins but all point to https URLs. In fact, when running a test on whynopadlock is passes all tests. Other browsers show alerts as well (Explorer, Edge, etc).

Any idea how to locate the offending scripts?

Issue 2:Strange theme behavior

My website is using Reason Pro theme, by Nick Cates. I just updated the theme to resolve some issues (related to http urls in it), but I am seeing some strange behavior as follows:

  • The Spanish website looks fine as far as the header/menus. This is controlled by the theme, of course, where I select options for the background of the site, and also for the Banner Image that shows underneath the menu bar.
  • The English pages look different, even if the same settings are being used on ReasonPro. No matter how I change these settings, the menu background seems to have a mind of its own.

I know this one is a long shot, but maybe someone went through this. I will also ask Nick and post the response here as well.


I suspect the issues are related to breaking it into separate project files.
I’ll explain further:
If you were to export each project locally and look at the folder/file structure, you will see that each In has a RW common folder which also holds the site CSS.
Each project also has a page as the “home page” which publishes to the root folder of the domain set in the url address field.
This means which ever gets published last is overwriting the others site wide CSS (and other files in the common folder)

Depending on ho you have the homepage file and the url address set up, it also means that for one version (in this case English) the path to these common folder files is incorrect.

The “trick” to correcting it is to make a “dummy” home page, let it publish to the same “real” root but Name it something other than index. Then make your English page in the /en folder (index.html)

You can also deal with having a common menu in a similar fashion.

All of that being said, there are stacks that make creating multilingual sites easier like agent from

Hopefully that helps


Although I’m sure you don’t want to start over, I use Joe Workman’s Foundation with the Agent stacks. This is my very simple English/Spanish site. The browser language sets the site language and it defaults to English if neither English or Spanish is the browser language.

Use Chrome browser and change the language in settings between English and Spanish to see the effect.

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For years, I use the RWML suite of stacks from Stacks4Stacks for my multilanguage site.

That means I have all language versions in the same page, which makes creating and editing content much less complicated than having to maintain different sets of pages for different languages. This setup works perfectly for me.

Thanks to RWML, visitors choose their language once, and afterwards, they are automatically directed to their chosen language version.

RWML has a free demo (as all S4S products do) and is quite a bargain to buy, taking into account the fact that it is one of the most useful and powerful stacks on the market.


Hi Scott.

Thanks for your reply.
I think I understand what you are saying, and I remember I contemplated different ways of doing the two-site management at the beginning. However, this does not seem to be the problem. Since I am publishing the English site completely in the /en, the rw_common and other resources separately in the /en directory. In any case, I exported both sites individually and when I run the English site by itself locally it still shows the issues with the theme I described on Issue 2. Issue 1 also persists, so there is something in my English website that browsers are not liking and I cannot tell what it is.


Also, thanks Gary and Rob for your input. I will certainly look into these options for the next re-do of the website. As Gary pointed out, I really do not want to start from scratch (again) just yet.


What do you have set in the url address for the english site? does it start with https:// ?

You are getting mixed content errors in the browser including the sites CSS files & jQuery, images etc.

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Ooops. Sorry for the rookie mistake. I changed the General settings for the English RW file and re-published. Now the theme is displaying upfront when you navigate to the page, which is a great improvement. The browser (Brave in this case) still protests because of “unsafe scripts”. I found some more references to http pages and I am re-publishing again. Will report again when done. Thanks a LOT for your time.

It sounds like you are making headway :+1:t2:

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