What am I missing. I am new and can't figure out

(David Jeschke) #1

Watching the basic tutorial he shows the format options down at the bottom of his edit screen as circled in the attached picture and for the life of my setup I cannot get those options to show up.

(scott williams) #2

Is there room for them to show on your screen? Try to Stretch the window out or close a side panel

(David Jeschke) #3

I’ve opened it to full screen with no side bars and for the life of me I cannot get those options to show up on the bottom at all.

(NeilUK) #4

What kind of page are you using? Styled Text? Markdown?

(David Jeschke) #5

That was it.
I was using markdown. As soon as I switched to Style Text it was there


(system) #6

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